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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s all this about? 

In a nutshell, The Campaign of 1863 (C63) is a team, turn based, strategy game based in the Civil War.  It plays out a 2 week section of a the eastern theater of the U.S. civil war, commonly known as The Gettysburg Campaign.  For more specifics on rules and strategy, see the Game Manual.

I can’t figure out how to join a game.

Visit the Join a Game page. You may also find the "Join a Game" button located under the "Games" navigation bar. When you are taken to the "Join a Game" page, you will see a list of available games. Click the "Join" button to choose a particular game and reveal your command options. Then click the "Join" link to choose which commander you would like to play as. You will not be able to join a game more than once.

Why can’t I join a game when I click on the "Join" button?

There are a few reasons why you wouldn’t be able to join a game. You may have already joined the game (You can’t join a specific game more than once), or you may have used all the available games in your subscription. If you have used all the games in your subscription plan, you will have to upgrade your account if you want more Civil War Strategy Game goodness.

Where do I go to check on my games?

When you sign in at you should be automatically directed to the "My Games" page. If not simply click on the My Games link on the menu bar. It will list all of your active, pending, and completed games.

Why hasn’t my game launched yet?

If your game hasn’t launched, fear not! It probably hasn’t reached the required amount of players yet or not all of your fellow commanders have officially Accepted Command of their units. When a few more players join up, or once everyone accpets their command, your game will start and we will notify you by email.

I’m having issues with the game, I don’t understand anything!!

A good place to start is the Game Manual and the Help Page If you’ve read both of these and you’re still having problems, there are plenty of experienced players in our Forums.

How does the payment system work?

The Campaign of 1863 allows players 1 free game at a time (meaning when your free game is over you can jump in another one). For players that can’t get enough Civil War Strategy Game action, we offer a tiered system that allows players to choose how many extra games they would like to play.

Are you guys still developing this game?

YES! We are a small 2 person team, developing this game on a part-time basis. We have big plans for The Campaign of 1863, and our little studio, but we have bills to pay in the meantime. So our development time is slow for now, but if C63 is as successful as we think it can be, you can count on a lot more from us.

What can I do to help?

Tell your friends!

I need to report a bug.

Go to the Bug Report page and fill out our bug report form.

I need to report a cheater.

Go to the Feedback page and use our contact form.

I need to ask a question.

Go to the Feedback page and use our contact form.

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