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Froggy 09-30-2019 02:19 PM

wow, that would have been the first civil war in a long time

Theodoric 09-30-2019 06:57 PM

Now, before I forget, I would like to recommend a Book, the title is /MARK COFFIN U.S.S./, 30 years on now since I read it, but I remember at the time upon reading it that it gave good insight into the dealings and goings on in our Nations Capitol. it begins with a newly elected SenAtor arriving at his office, and, let me tell you bro, there was a whole lot of quid pro quo going on right from the outset.

But what struk me the most was the SECRETE Society, Yes, the SECRETE Society.
In a Mansion, not far from the White house, there brooded MACANATIONS which would have made Benedict Arnold look like Mother Theresa. These politicals(I shall call them) would have Balls and partys and meetings and such, Conspiring all the time how to get richer or bring someone down who doesn't cooperate............

Now I wonder, if a House like that Exists today In Our Nations Capitol. In sight of the White House, and JUST HOW MANY DEMOCRATS GO TO IT?????????????? we SHALL CALL THIS the house of Bendidict.........I would like to read a book someday called /THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF bENDIDICT/ I CHALLENGE THE CIA, AND THE FBI TO FIND THIS hOUSE............................................. ..................Before their FINAL SOLUTION>>>>>>>>>>

Theodoric 09-30-2019 07:09 PM

WHEN I WAS A YOUNG MAN STILL IN COLLEGE, WE HAD TO GIVE A QUESTION OF THE DAY IN ECONOMICS. wHEN IT WAS MY TURN I ASKED Is it possible for a country to be with dwindling manufacturing and rising serviceindustry to survive?(this I asked while NAFTA was being debated in Washington) The answer was NO NO NOManufacturing is your bread and butter baby, without it, you aint got no service industry,,,,replied my economics professer......Remember Ross Perots Famous remark" your gonna hear a giant sucking sound like a whirpool taking all our jobs away" he was right....Trump was Listning........Trump will fix it. among other things

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