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Default Combat

I have a few questions regarding combat:

1) What does +10% defender BONUS and -50% attacker PENALTY mean. Do the percentages apply to the number of FFD and therefore reduce the casualties inflicted?

2) Lets say I have a unit on Hex97 on the Haggerstown map and it begins the turn adjacent to a enemy unit on Hex108.

Case 1. both units are issued a defend order and are not instructed to move, does combat occur?
Case 2. Same conditions as (1) but both are issued a reinforce order. The unit on Hex97 is adjacent to a friendly on Hex85 and the other unit is adjacent to its friendly on hex120. Does combat occur between the Hex 97 and Hex108 units? Are the Hex85 and Hex120 units involved?

3) What are the Penalty/Bonus affects on units in or attacking entrenchments, these are not included in the great summary table in the manual.

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