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...and do not forget the important role morale plays> units with poor morale will often not follow the orders least i believe that is what is happening. And when units are victorious their morale increases ( +5 ) while the defeated units morale decreases ( -5 ).
This swing can often lead to opportunities to press the attack.
the game is excellently designed to encompass a great deal of battlefield factors.
Many of us here are 'old' avalon hill gamers. Those were the games that took 2 hours to set up, then 2 hours to execute a turn with constant referral back to the manual and ceaseless bickering over sketchy moves and rule interpretations. The games usually ended when the house cat got on the board and made a mess of things......
....'third reich' 'tobruk' 'panzer blitz' .....
oh the fond memories.......
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