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Old 10-09-2015
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Default Letters Home From Bloody Crew

June 22, evening

Dear father,
I hope all is well and surely miss the comforts of home. You will be proud to know that I have received a dandy promotion and am now serving as commander Pettigrew's chief intelligence officer. I am privy to all of the happenings and going on's here in the Army of North Virginia!
You will soon be reading of a great undertaking by our army. It has been decided that we shall once again make great havoc with them Yankees and hopefully get European recognition and aid for our endeavors.
I can not go into details, but we have received new directives and the game is now afoot. Our boys have high morale despite the shortcomings we are forced to endure. Much of this enthusiasm is due to our new commander and chief, Commander Caledonia. I dare say, he will give them yanks a hard time.
He is facing one of the most feared commanders to have ever taken the field: Moseby the Merciless...Sower of woe...killer of joy...squasher of hope...
( ...and these yanks don't miss a trick: who would of thunk of accepting a command and issuing orders at 1:56 am while the rest of us slept and picked up 1 cmt? )
I hope to write more as events unfold. Until then, keep us in your thoughts.
your devoted son,
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Old 10-10-2015
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Default moseby the merciless

that's no lie! keep em comin zobs. too funny
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Old 10-10-2015
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Zobs the zealot,
Well done! Please give credit to my mentor and your current leader; Caledonia the cantankerous. Hopefully grbears the ghost will join your endeavor. KCarter1 the invisible, Spencer aka Old Saltpeter, and I shall endeavor to meet your challenge.

Good luck gentlemen!
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