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Default glutton for punishment

I can only assume I am a glutton for punishment for taking up the southern role. I would be a union man by nature. Yet the allure of taking command of the underdog confederate forces continuously draws me in.
It is always reassuring when an inexperienced 'newbie' takes the role of the Army of the Potomac. It gives one the false sense of security that perhaps the south can prevail and achieve the elusive southern victory. The inexperienced commander of the Army of the Potomac will often be perplexed by the 'Back door to Baltimore' move and/or the grab for York. This gives the south a quick 2500 victory points and a healthy lead. It then becomes a simple matter of the south avoiding any sort of engagement unless it is from a well defended position. But alas, it is always a hollow victory and a southern commander is left feeling he has achieved a 'cheap' victory at the expense of an uninformed and inexperienced northern commander.
To take up the southern mission against a northern commander with any experience will almost always end up in defeat....usually resounding. The north has the great advantage of knowing exactly what the south must do: that is to take one of the important objective cities. The north also has the great advantage of being able to absorb horrid casualties and still prevail. It is completely irrelevant to the southern endeavor to achieve any red flag victories unless they can do so by inflicting catastrophic losses on the northern forces in addition to capturing an objective city.
That being said, I still enjoy playing the role of underdog. I would enjoy a wish list for the 'poor' southern mission. (1) tweak the fog of war. Change the range in which units can scout and see...I have always been somewhat annoyed by the North's ability to easily scout out the South's position and intentions. This of course also makes it more difficult for the south to monitor the norths movements and disposition. Boths sides cavalry would now truly take on the role of eyes and ears. (2) increase the value of objective points of minor cities. For arguments sake, let the point value for any village be 5 points instead of 1. And then increase Carlside and other towns to perhaps 25 points or more. This would have the effect of infuriating northern public opinion in regards to the Army of the Potomac's ability to protect northern interests. (3) allow the south, once it has achieved its objective of capturing a major city, to withdraw, preserve it's army and end the game early. It seems to me that is what Lee would have done had he taken Harrisburg. As it is, the south is forced to entrench and endure a pounding from the north...or run rabbit run.
I do not believe these to give the south any sort of major advantage. I believe historically Lee hoped to invade the north, capture northern objectives at ease, and withdraw his army intact. Thus securing European intervention and influencing Northern public opinion as to the futility of continuing the struggle against a southern army that can invade at will.
What are the thoughts of others who have played this astounding and engaging game?
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Old 11-17-2015
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Dang, I had a long response all written up, but accidentally deleted it! gah...

Okay, so a quick recap of my missing post:

We happen to be looking at this stuff right now for CoC prototypes. So probably wont happen for C63, but maybe for the C63 "fantasy" scenario.

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