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Default Movement

A quick summary on how to plan* movement for a unit:
1. Select the unit you want to move.
2. Press on the march orders button that pops up next to the unit.
3. Select the march order for that unit.
4. You are now free to plan the movement for the unit using the 'w,e,a,d,z,x" keys. As you press these keys the unit will move around on the map.
5. When you are satisfied with the movement plan for the unit press 's' to stop moving the unit
6. Choose a final facing for the unit (using 'weadzx' once again)
7. Repeat steps 1-6 again for any units you want to plan orders for.
8. When you are done planning orders for all your units press the "issue orders" button to submit your orders to your chief of staff (this uploads all your planned moves to the server for us to grab and process the turn)

There are more detailed instructions here

* - Remember that we are using a simultaneous movement system, and that you are issuing orders for a unit to follow. Whether these orders are followed or not, depend on many other factors (more on that later)
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