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Default When is the victory point system unrealistic

Conventional wisdom suggests the Confederacy's best chance of victory was to lure the Yankees into attacking them on ground of their choosing, and then best if they could do so when the Yankees were split into separate fighting bodies rather than in mass. This game rarely sees a different method succeed, therefore, the victory conditions are bent towards that strategy.

The 38th turn of game 5086 between Caledonia and myself might suggest an exception. I say might because the results were brutal for both armies (start of the evening 38th turn, Yanks having lost 54K, Confeds 39K. However, it is what is left as the game turns run out which might suggest the normal victory conditions would not hold in real life. Much as the 1st Battle of Bull Run left a Yankee Army in disarray, the Confederates worn down/tired/yet still intact as a fighting body, and the way to Washington and Alexandria open except for the small number of remaining forces in the Yank Army and the city's garrisons, so was the state of game 5086.

Could the remaining Confederate forces press through a few more days of fighting to strike enough fear in the hearts of the Yankee citizenry to bring about a call for a truce and settled peace. Perhaps not in 1861, but in open road to the capital in the face of the news from the battlefields around Front Royal, Hillsborough, etc. would have left even the staunchest citizen fearful of the coming "horde"...even if that horde was depleted. Who was left to speak otherwise. The few thousand Yanks stumbling back from the Shenandoah River would only be able to report Confederate forces striking their well-trained and better equipped troops in waves from all directions. How could the Confederates keep coming from such long distances? Answer: They fought for their families, their land, and against the oppressive nature of the federal government in this War of Northern Aggression.

Yes...victory conditions must be set for games. But, with the roads open to Washington and Alexander. Cavalry elements of the Confederacy within a days march of Baltimore and 2 days from Harrisburg...Yankee mothers in every town and city from Pennsylvania to Maryland to the District of Columbia would have lost sleep wondering if they would be forced to flight at any moment...and wondering when they too would receive word from Front Royal of the loss of another son to those Rebels from Virginia. They like their sons, could almost hear the sound of the rebel yell. Almost...the dead hear nothing, and it will be two days before such cries will be heard piercing the night skies. Can you hear us Washington?

In a game, we real life, Lincoln is meeting with Jefferson Davis on the outskirts of Washington...pen in hand...signing an proclamation of a different sort. One declaring the end of hostilities and acknowledging the legitimate sovereignty of a separate Confederate States of America.
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