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Old 08-03-2012
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Default UI ver 1.05 change log

Hey guys here is the incomming change log for the new 1.05 version:

  • Susquehanna River extended (sorry Cal, no extra Ferry or Fords just now)
    • in UI (B6.png)
    • in xml (B6.xml) to be updated on server
  • New Unit Facing indicators
  • New ZoC indicators (per hex basis)
  • New ZoC rules - to be updated on server
  • New ZoR (Zone of Reinforce) display
  • New movement direction indicators
  • Retreat into Combat bug fix
  • New Artillery functionality?
  • Default unit facing bug fix
  • New Attempt to Place Entrenchment Marker graphic and code
  • Placed Entrenchment Marker completion (displayed on next turn as long as unit was allowed to build entrenchment)
  • New My Games page layout
  • New Splash page logo
  • Weapon type displayed for each unit (unit info side bar)
  • Fighting Strength displayed for each unit (unit info side bar)
  • New Hold and Entrench restrictions (fighting str must be > 499, morale must be > 49%)
No eta on the new version release yet. Ill post when we get closer


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