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Old 01-14-2013
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Default New Militia Test Game - Calling Beta Corp!

Team (2 vs 2) Beta3508 will launch with newly tweaked Militia values.

Militia values are greatly decreased in this test game (to the tune of about 60% of a regulation unit).

Veteran Beta Testers please jump in and let us know your thinking once you see these values in play.

Please note this is just a trial and these values may or may not be incorporated into future games.

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Old 01-15-2013
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Default Beta 3508

It disappeared! When the Col. picked up Meade in 3508 and scrubbed Reynolds in the Who's Next game did it put the test game on the backburner or something? It seems like the duel, actually all multi-player games only pop up one at a time, is this true? Last question, when a noobie joins but doesn't accept should we sit it out until the expiration day when that slot will come open or just scrub it and eventually it goes away? Gotta brainstorm this noobies not accepting, they accept more often than not when you pickup their game while they are still on line, but if they're gone they're gone, like Gen. Halleck's petlynxs! Looking forward to the "new" militia test game, but if they are too weak I hope you can give command of these units to the Leader so the union(?) still has a chance! I don't know, maybe the Col. has outsmarted us all again?
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