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Old 10-18-2015
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June 27th, 1863

Dear Father,
Have just finished eating breakfast on a fine and fair morning. I will soon be inspecting our troops and reviewing our new disposition. We find ourselves encamped west of Charleston. I am entrusted to make sure that our artillery is well placed and the men sufficiently entrenched and reinforced. Our new directives are to stop any union advance and hold our line at all costs.
Many of our younger recruits are eager for the fight as they think there is great glory in it. Our grisly old veterans do not display the same enthusiasm, but nor do they shy away from the inevitable destiny of battle. They refer to the new recruits as war puppies; leaping all about, eager to please and more often than not, just a plain dang nuisance. Our scarred ole' battle dogs, as our veterans like to refer to themselves, tolerate these pups quite well.
The men's morale is very good despite the miles of entrenchments they have dug. From some little no named creek west of Charleston all the way to the mountains they have dug and dug. But our flanks are now well anchored.
We are not sure who is approaching: Lee has assumed it to be elements of the AOP's II corps, VI corps and cavalry detachments from Pleasanton's corps.
Commander Longstreet's corps are piled to the east of us in the city of Charleston. I dare say, their accommodations are much finer than our own humble and leaky tents! But their mission is mightily more deadly than our own.
I hope to write more as time goes by,
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Old 11-13-2015
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Default the deadly affair of bloody crew

july 10, 1865

dear father,
By the time you receive this letter my earthly remains will be heaped upon some mass grave outside Gettysburg. The newspapers back home may report that we had a gallant and glorious campaign: truth be told it was a deadly affair with ghastly results. Commander Moseby and his minions, spencer and kccarter1 , decimated our ranks in gruesome fashion.
I am holding out with what is left of pettigrews brigade just east of the town of Gettysburg. We are cut off from the rest of our corps with no hope of relief. Morale is low as we have been in continuous combat for several days now. What is left of Hills once gallant corps has staggered off to the north towards the town of carlside in a futile attempt to escape the relentless Yankee attack.
Hill himself was kilt several days back in an attempt to reconnoiter a route to Baltimore.
I still stand by our commander, Caledonia. He was up against great odds and I believe he could have pulled off the victory we sought had we been able to take that confounded city of Harrisburg.
Little matters now. There shall be no glorious victory parade in Richmond...I do not believe there to be any army of north Virginia left.
The victors have been gracious and I believe them to be honorable and upright gentleman in their own rights. But If I could have but a second chance, I would take up the gauntlet again and seek the ever allusive southern victory.
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