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Default letters home

...thought I would share a letter form a confederate soldier serving under Armisted during the summer of 1863

June 27th evening
Dearest sister mary,
I write you now as I fear it may last. If my life be spent for the cause then I hope it brings a tidy sum.
it has been a ghastly affair and I seen sights that will forever haunt my nights. it has been a bloody affair up and down the Shenandoah river and them Yankees have been bound and determined to cross at any cost. The sparkling waters have taken on a sickly red hue and no one dare drink or bath in it.
Our boys have fared well at snickers and berry ferry and given the yanks all they can handle, but I hear tell that harpers ferry has fallen into their hands. Rumor has it the entire yank Calvary is camped on the east side of the river and are just waitin for opportune to cross. I say let em come, after what I have seen and experienced today ain't nothin in hell can compare.
their commander is one know as Caledonia. he is a brash and daring sort and is known to push his men hard. they say he never sleeps. is everywhere at once and rides upon a mule because it has a stubborn disposition to his liking.
Our boys have taken up callin him 'crazy commander Caledonia, the dark shadow of the shendandoah' Call him what ya may, but he commands respect as an adversary.
Today he sent his boys from the II and V corps up from front royal to give us a nudge. I done never seen such a thing. they marched straight up into us like crazed animals. We let loose with everything we had and the earth just exploded with the sound of musket and cannon. A great cloud of smoke covered the field and all went quiet for a moment. Then arose an agonizing moan, the smoke cleared and there before was a horrific sight: a mass of mangled blue boys torn asunder. There must have been two or three thousand men dead or dying. On it went and on they came. By afternoon we had gone over to the attack and many of there corps ceased to exist. But it was a costly affair and the butchers bill was high.
My dear sister, I do believe I saw ten thousand men or more go to their maker today. Blue and grey alike. How I came out of it I do not know.
One could call it a great victory were it not for the thousands of Yankees streaming across the Shenandoah at front royal bent on revenge.
thus I write you now, for the man on the mule presses his forces towards us with deadly purpose.
with all my affection,
your brother leroy

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Default Letters home II

july 8, pm fair weather

My dear sister mary,
I am most fortunate to be able to write you. I am still serving in Armistead's brigade. We have only 318 of us still fit for duty and have layed over 900 of comrades to rest.
I am sure you have heard or read some news as to what has taken place here. The carnage can not be described by written word for what the suffering eyes have seen and witnessed.
Several days back the Yankee cavalry forced their way thru harpers ferry and began to assail us from the north. Our boys at the berry ferry gave way and was soon overrun. Our situation appeared very grave indeed as we were now assailed form the north and south.
I think we surprised them Yankees by our tenacity. With great effort we swung our army north of Charleston and assailed the yankee calvary along the rail line that runs into harpers ferry. It was brutal affair but the yankee calvary is no longer a viable threat. What is left of our army has now regrouped and preparing to meet the horde of Yankees moving north. It no longer matters if we prevail. Our proud army of north Virginia will cease to be anything more than a band of battered and tattered survivors. Despite the grim fact the the army of the Potomac have endured over 74,000 casualties, we ourselves have suffered over 57,000 dead, captured or wounded.
We have a cousin Tim serving in Gorden's artillery brigade. News came to us a few days back that they and others have taken Harrisburg!!! The Yankees are as mad as hornets at having lost this prized city. They have been counterattacking ever since trying to get back into the city. He is not sure how much longer they can hold out, but they are determined to resolutely defend to the end.
Despite having captured that prized northern city and having inflicting a great many more casualties upon our foe, we will suffer a great defeat as our opponent has accomplished his objective of destroying the army of northern Virginia. This commander Caledonia is deadly in his purpose and justly deserves the lofty ranking he has earned.
your brother,

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I love these. Keep em coming...
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you got skills Zobs
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Crazy Commander Caledonia astride his mule....awesome Zobs
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