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Old 05-12-2013
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Default Von Kiel to the rescue.

another bloody campaign comes to an end. I have issued my orders for the evening of July 10th knowing that outcome has already been decided. It was team game where I played as mead and Von Kiel played as reynolds.
We have managed to secure a draw against the fearsome commander known as foxsea. Had it not been for the diligent and brilliant play of my partner we would have certainly been disgraced and utterly crushed. This up and coming commander displayed great skill and foresight throughout our brutal campaign to rid the north of the invading southern army and protect our objective cities.
Unfortunately for us, the south was able to engage the bulk of our forces far east and south and prevent us from addressing the threats to harrisburg in a timely manner.
Irregardless, Commander Von Kiel was able to come to the rescue of both Alexandria and Baltimore and prevent a southern victory. My thanks and gratitude are hence made known to all. Anyone teaming up with him will certainly have a capable and able teammate: Anyone facing him will certainly be challenged to the utmost. (:
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Old 05-13-2013
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I to faced foxsea resulting in a draw as well lol. I gave you a run though foxsea Im thinking the rebs caught in my pincher attack are still licking there wounds. Well whats left of them anyways. Good game foxsea.
Farmer Joe
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