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How to Move a Unit

Unit Sample
To start planning orders for a unit click on the unit you would like to issue orders to. In the sample image to the left the 4 units that have a green highlight have not been given orders yet. You will find this same highlighting in the game to help you determine what units you have not given orders to yet.

Once you have clicked on your unit a menu will appear on the map with a list of different orders you may give your unit. See the Manual for more information. Click on an order button to select a Marching order for the unit (“attack” for example). You will not be able to move the unit until you have selected one of these March orders.
Sample Movement
After you have Clicked a unit and then clicked on a March order you will be able to plan the movement of your unit.
Movement is based off the standard w,a,s,d movement controls seen in most games. For our purposes the ‘s’ key is the center of the hex in which your selected unit is located.
  • To move to the Northwest hex press ‘w
  • To move to the Northeast hex press ‘e
  • To move to the East hex press ‘d
  • To move to the Southeast hex press ‘x
  • To move to the Southwest hex press ‘z
  • To move to the West hex press ‘a
Movement Points
Each unit type has an allowance of movement points at the start of each turn. How far a unit may travel is dependent on several factors. Different kinds of terrain have different movement costs, and turnpikes and roads cost a unit less. See the manual for complete listings.

Use the ‘u’ button to undo a unit’s prevoius move.

March SampleForce March Sample
There are two kinds of movement, regular and forced march. Regular movement is indicated by a green highlighted arrow.  Forced march is indicated by a red highlighted arrow.  For more on the meanings of regular and forced march, see the manual.

As you move, you may notice that you reach the edge of a tactical map.  Don’t worry!  You can continue to move and your unit will merely move on to the next map.

Once you are ready for the unit to stop, press the ‘s’ key. You will then be prompted to choose a Final Facing for the unit. Use the same w,e,d,x,z,a buttons to face the unit in your desired direction. This will then move the units Zone of Control, represented by the 3-hex bracket, which highlights which three sides of a hex the unit will attemp to control.

Issue Commands
Thats it for moving a single unit. Once you repeat the above procedure for all your units and you are ready to end your turn just press the Issue Commands button. This will upload your orders to our server. Once the Planning Phase deadline is up we then gather all player orders and process the Combat Phase. And once that is done we upload the results and open up the next Planning Phase.

The following are just a few useful tips.

If you find yourself wanting to change maps, but you don’t want to switch tactical maps via unit movement, you can use the mini map button, located in the side bar.  Click on the mini map and this will bring up the Battle Map. Click on any one of the smaller maps to choose the map you want to go to and it will take you straight to that Tactical map.

As you mouse over each map pictured on the mini map, the mini map button changes to a display window.  The window shows the map name, and all units(playable and non-playable) on that map.

“Stacking” units is possible.  You can place more than one unit on a hex, but only up to 4 units.  When you place more than one unit on a hex, the unit will “shrink” in order to accommodate the increasing number, but you will be able to move or select each unit and leave the “stacked” hex.  Please note, however that since only 4 units may occupy a hex this can lead to unexpected traffic jams

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